Vision Lab Geometry Library

Download: VLG Ver 0.2
(Binaries for Windows, Linux and Mac(Power PC and Intel) included)
Updated: 11/24/09 (Update Note)

Matlab functions
Introduction to VLG

VLG relies on some functions of Vision Lab Feature Library (VLFeat).
Please copy the VLG directory to the same place as VLFeat:
For example,

VLG requires VLFeat installed and compiled ahead. The compiling procedure
is as same as compiling VLFeat. Thus, please compile VLFeat first, and
do the same thing for VLG.

First Run:
At first, as you set the Matlab path for VLFeat, do the similar thing for VLG:
>> cd vlg/toolbox;
>> vlg_setup;

Then you can run test scripts for your first step:
>> test_mview
>> test_incremental
>> demo_vlmvg

Copyright 2008 (C) Taehee Lee
This program is available in the terms of the GNU General Public Licenseversion 2.

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