Alessandro Achille PhD student

University of California, Los Angeles
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Since Fall 2015, I am a PhD student at the Computer Science department of UCLA, working with Prof. Stefano Soatto in the Vision Lab. My research interests include variational inference, representation learning, deep learning and their applications to computer vision.

Before coming to UCLA, I obtained a Master in Pure Math at the Scuola Normale Superiore and the University of Pisa, where I studied model theory, algebraic topology, and their intersection with Prof. Alessandro Berarducci. During that period, I have also been a visiting student at the University of Leeds Math department.


  • A. Achille, S. Soatto
    Information Dropout: learning optimal representations through noisy computation
    ArXiv preprint
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Earlier work

  • A. Achille
    On definable groups in o-minimal and NIP settings
    MSc thesis, University of Pisa, 2015