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Flowers Flowers, Segmented

Really quick shift: Image segmentation on a GPU

This package contains an implementation of quick shift on GPU. To compile, it requires CUDA 3.0 and the CUDA SDK. You will have to alter the Makefile so that the paths point to the location of your installation.

Download the source code here.


GPU quick shift accepts the following options:

--file    Choose the file to use, must be a pnm.
          (default flowers2.pnm)
--mode    Valid options are gpu (texture memory version) or cpu
--outfile Select the output file
          (default <file>-<mode>.pnm
--tau     Control the tau parameter to quickshift
          (default 10)
--sigma   Control the sigma parameter to quickshift
          (default 6)
--device  Select a different cuda capable device

Please cite this paper if you use this code in a publication:

Really quick shift: Image segmentation on a GPU, B. Fulkerson and S. Soatto. In Proceedings of the Workshop on Computer Vision using GPUs, held with the European Conference on Computer Vision, September 2010.