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About the VisionLab. Researchers in the Vision Lab investigate how images, i.e. measurements of light, can be used to infer properties of the physical world such as shape, motion, location and material properties of objects within. Such understanding is key to developing engineering systems that can “see” and interact intelligently with the world around them. For instance, images captured by a video camera mounted on a car can be processed by computers to infer a model of its surroundings: Where are other vehicles, pedestrians, generic obstacles; how they are moving etc. This in turn can be used to navigate the car around obstacles towards its destination. Vision-based driver assistant systems are already available in the consumer market, and vision technology could help reduce significantly the societal cost of 1.5 million fatalities every year. Vision can also be used to analyze images captured in the environment to understand the effects of climate change by monitoring the behavior of animals and plants. Analysis of images of the human body can also be used both for diagnostic purposes and for planning interventions. These are just few of the applications that Vision will enable in the near future. In the meantime, there are fundamental mathematical and statistical questions yet unanswered, and we are engaged in understanding the fundamentals of visual information processing.

The UCLA Vision Lab is part o the School of Engineering at UCLA, and has ties with activities in the Mathematics department, the Statistics department, the Neuroscience department, and outside UCLA with research groups at Caltech/Berkeley/MIT, at Georgia Tech/MIT and at Stanford/Berkeley.

Our research is made possible by the generous support of AFOSR, NSF, ONR and the Keck Foundation.

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