Current members

face Alessandro Achille PhD Student
face Xinzhu Bei PhD Student
face Safa Cicek PhD Student
face Xiaohan Fei PhD Student
face Yanchao Yang PhD Student
face Dongni Zhang Research Scientist

Former Students and Postdocs

face Jonathan Balzer Vathos, Gmbh Postdoc, 2012-14; PhD, KIT
face Lunbo Xu Google MS (CS), 2014; BS Peking University
face Joachim Valente Google Outstanding MS Award 2014
MS (CS) 2014; BS, Ecole Centrale, Paris
face Jeremi Sudol IPPLEX PhD (CS) 2013; MS, NYU; BS, RPI
face Luca Valente Bloomberg (via BNP Paribas) Outstanding MS Award 2012
MS (EE) 2011; BS, Ecole Polytechnique
face Gregorio Guidi Analyst, European Central Bank (via Central Bank of Italy) Postdoc 06-07; PhD Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa
face Daniele Fontanelli University of Pisa Postdoc 06-07; PhD, Pisa
face Alessandro Bissacco Google PhD (CS) 2006; BS, Padova
face George Scarlatis University of Kentucky MD/PhD 2006
face Alessandro Duci Iason (via Depfa Bank, Arivis, Aletti Bank, Intel) Postdoc 02-03; PhD Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa

Former Visiting Scholars

face Manabu Kawashima Sony, Japan Research Scientist 2014-15
face Xiaolin Tian Xidian University, China Visiting Researcher 2011-12
face Hidekata Hontani Associate Professor, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan Visiting Professor 2010-11
face Kazuya Hattori Mitsubishi, Japan Research Scientist 2008-09
face Hisao Sasai Panasonic Research Scientist 2007-08
face Nobuhiro Tsunashima Sony, Japan Research Scientist 2006-07
face Jae-Young Choi Visiting Scholar 2005-06
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